Dr. Lois Ann Malphrus - Veterinarian

Lois Ann Malphrus grew up in Greenville as a horse-crazy kid and a lover of all animals.

Daughter of a father who was an amateur naturalist and a mother who nurtured her interests, she eventually pursued a career in veterinary medicine, graduating with honors from the University of Georgia in 1986. After graduation, her love of horses and family led her to return to Greenville and jump into caring for "all creatures great and small" at Cleveland Park Animal Hospital in 1991. Narrowing her focus to exclusively small animals allowed her more time for in-depth study, less time alone at night on dark county roads, and, most importantly, a place at the family dinner table.

Fast forward 30 years, Dr. Malphrus still loves nature, art, science, and people and their pets. Her main area of interest is internal medicine where her observation skills, natural curiosity, and propensity to worry present clear advantages. In the meantime, North Greenville Animal Hospital has grown to a "busier than ever" 3 doctor practice and in December of 2019, Dr. Malphrus chose for the hospital to become part of a wonderful Alabama-based veterinary-owned corporation, Southern Veterinary Partners. Life is good!

Dr. Malphrus continues to pursue her education, hoping to read the entire two volumes of Ettinger's Internal Medicine cover to cover this year. She misses her old collie, dotes on her two cats, and searches for bluebirds every day. If she ever has any spare time, she enjoys sculpting. You can see and read about her artwork on her website DustyBronzeFineArt.com. She is married to her best friend, John L. Glymph Jr. DMD